Little Fujian – A Hokkien Community

Chun_Yeung_StreetThe political instability of China during the 1930s & 40s brought a lot of Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong, in which many of them are Fujianese(福建人) who also brought together with them the dialect. Today, there are more than a million citizens of Fujian origins, forming the famous “Little Fujian’ neighborhood near Chun Yeung Street in North Point. Given this critical population, Hokkien dialect even gained its place in Hong Kong election – Choy So-yuk spoke in Hokkien in her election campaigns in order to gain support from the Fujianese in Hong Kong. However, despite the large Fujianese population, there are only around 160,000 people speaking Hokkien in Hong Kong, according to the 2011 Population Census.


This documentary produced by RTHK tells you the story about this Little Fujian

Title: RTHK香港故事第18輯03:由春秧街說起
Date: 2011-12-26

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Chinese dialects endangerment

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Among all the dialects of Chinese language in Hong Kong, Cantonese has the most linguistic capital than the other. Most of the second generation of dialect-speaking parents do not know how to speak any dialect. The parents are even reluctant to teach their children any dialect because it is useless, corny, even ugly in one’s perception. This video programme from TVB is about the language endangerment of chinese dialects in Hong Kong.


2010.07.13 – 鄉音‧鄉情
播出日期: 2010.07.13 (二)





記者: 柳俊江